Experiment 2- This experiment is inspired by the idea of a journey. The tape leading you in the direction to see or potentially do something. The white tape is very effective on the brown carpet and could look aesthetically pleasing if it went up the walls but changed from white tape to brown tape in contrast with the floor. The use of straight line is my interpretation of perspective as I love drawing landscapes and cityscapes in perspective, as structure and line can draw your eye to something amazing.




Sculptors Lisa Hein and Robert Seng constructed a wall out of colorful Jell-O bricks. Part performance art, part site-specific installation, the pair have now done this more than once. There’s something awesome about a wriggly, jiggly wall that you could lean in an take a bite out of, that is, if you’re careful not to break a tooth on the gypsum mortar that holds the Jell-O bricks in place.

Hein and Seng were commissioned to create this particular wall at Seattle Center in Seattle, WA in 2012 for the 50th anniversary celebration of the Seattle World’s Fair. They used 500 lbs of Jell-O bricks, each of which was prepared on-site using a hot plate and then chilled in a large plastic mold inside a small fridge.

Once set, the Jell-O bricks are stacked on the top of the wall. As you might imagine, the bricks start to deteriorate pretty quickly. Seng says it creates a sort of “construction in reverse,” with just the mortar remaining at the bottom of the wall.

This particular wall was built over the course of two weeks and, once finished, stood about 5 feet tall and measured 12 feet long. That is, it stood for a little while. As you might imagine, Jell-O brick walls are very temporary creations, but that’s one of the things that Lisa Hein likes so much about them:

“They have the lifespan maybe of cut flowers, each of the Jell-O bricks. You do it for a short term and you do it very colorfully,” she said.

Click here to watch a brief video of Hein and Seng building a different Jell-O brick wall back in 2008.

[via CollabCubed abd KPLU]